Reviews of Holistic Treatments & Therapies at Siog Holistic

Ayurvedic Facial Massage Reviews

I received a facial rejuvenation at Siog Holistics in Manorhamilton. Finola’s treatment left me feeling totally refreshed and looking 10 years younger! I highly recommend this treatment as its not just a beauty treatment but also an energy healing.

Soraya Ricalde , Dromahair, County Leitrim

I had my first facial rejuvenation with Finola and would highly recommend it. I found it both deeply relaxing and stimulating. I also felt a sense of healing. Finola is a very caring person. My face felt  fresher on leaving. I’m looking forward to my next one.

Maggie Naughton

I would highly recommend  Finola’s facial rejuvenation. After 4 sessions I really saw remarkable results. It is also so relaxing and an hour just for you.  Treat yourself. It will be worth it!

Elizabeth Bracken , Slane, County Meath

Finola’s facial rejuvenations are a wonderful relaxing experience. Every muscle in the face gets a gentle workout, while you lie relaxed, safe and in good hands. The results are fantastic, a face that has had a natural collagen boost, from the treatment, which looks not only rejuvenated but glows from within. Regular treatments work better for long lasting results.

Anna Macleoud , Buckhill Bar, Leitrim

Your skin looks really good. Have you been on holidays? I really love your make up. What moisturiser do you use? You’re really glowing. These are some of the comments I’ve received following an energy balancing facial massage from Finola at Siog Holistics, Manorhamilton. People were really amazed to see the difference following the treatment and for me the relaxing therapy and afterglow were lovely. No need for makeup or expensive moisturisers!

Nuala, Manorhamilton

Bio Energy Therapy Reviews

This was my first time having Bio Energy sessions and I found them both invigorating and relaxing. Finola’s healing hands were able to quickly get me into what felt like a very deep relaxing meditative state, while at the same time I could feel my energy zapping through my body.

After suffering a broken bone and 7 weeks in plaster, I was finding it hard to get my zing back. Well its arrived!

Rik Kavaliero , Dromahair, County Leitrim

I had my first few amazing bio energy sessions with Finola at Siog Holistics. I would highly recommend it for any back pain issues or fatigue. Feeling pain free and relieved.

Emma Caldwell, Navan, County Meath

I have had several bio energy sessions with Finola, I found the treatments gentle and nurturing. Finola assured me and made me feel safe, the sessions released energy blocks formed by my suppressed emotions, that I didn’t think I had. I am so much calmer and can cope so much better with any situation, that I find myself faced with. My mind is now clear and positive.

Bio Energy has worked well for me on a mental, spiritual and physical level and that’s thanks to Finola and how she makes you feel, throughout the sessions. I cannot recommend her and her Bio Energy sessions enough.

Andrena Doggett , Slane, County Meath

I have attended a course of 4 Bio energy sessions with Finola .She offers a very tranquil healing space, that is only surpassed, by the good lady herself. Finola is a very open person, which instantly put me at ease. The sessions themselves invoked both pleasant and unpleasant feelings, and have provoked a lot of soul searching. She has the uncanny ability to bring up issues ,that have been on my mind, without having hinted at them. She has great patience, is non judgemental and it is clear she is an excellent healer. I have always felt lighter and cleaner from the sessions with her.

Eoghan Winters , Slane, County Meath

Yoga Reviews

I have really enjoyed my Yoga courses with Finola. She creates a very relaxing and peaceful space.

Always tuned into the needs of her class, she has s very holistic teaching approach. Offering Yoga variations that depend on the abilities of each individual. I would highly recommend.

Rose O Donnell, Manorhamilton, County Leitrim

Finola’s yoga class has a beautiful relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting and lovely music. She places huge importance on the breath with each movement, which is the perfect antidote to anxiety, stress and fatigue. I always feel calmer and more in touch with my physical self after her classes.

Dee Armstrong

I attended a series of online yoga classes with Finola. The classes had lots of variety in them working on an energetic and physical level. Finola works on each chakra through physical yoga poses that stretched and strengthened the muscles and body. Finola was encouraging, helping us to work at our own level. It was a very satisfying experience.

Gillian Mc Morrow, Leitrim

I have been doing Yoga for years, however I felt a huge positive difference from Finola’s practise. Her way of teaching is very subtle, yet highly effective. I felt the positive impact after just one class. She delivers her class in such a relaxing manner. Thank you Finola for your yoga approach.

Izzy Murphy, Leitrim

I didn’t realise how much I needed Yoga in my life, until I met Finola. Her Yoga classes helped me quiet my busy mind and feel deeply connected to my body. The slower style of Hatha Yoga in small group setting suits me perfectly. I always feel much better in myself on leaving her class.

Rob Wheeldon , Manorhamilton, Leitrim

Finola was such a wonderful teacher on my yoga teacher training course in Egypt, her guided meditations helped me to feel connected in the most extraordinary way. She is so clear and encouraging in her teaching, love her!

Luise Cicuttan, London


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