Face yoga is a series of facial exercises, where you intentionally isolate and tone the facial muscles. It’s a natural alternative to cosmetic facial procedures. The benefits include increased blood circulation to the face and neck, facial muscles are strengthened and lifted and there is a reduction of sagginess, dull complexion and fine lines. Through the facial yoga exercises, the face becomes reinflated with new life, freshness and a youthful healthy happy glow.

Combining the lifting techniques and acupressure facial points activation, I learned on my facial rejuvenation training, with facial yoga exercises, somatic movements for head and eyes, face, neck and shoulders, pelvic floor breathwork and a relaxing yoga nidra to finish, this workshop promises to leave you feeling fresh-faced and deeply relaxed with a newfound confidence. It will also give you tips and tools to help you create your own facial yoga practise to use regularly in the comfort of your own home. Let’s face it, we love to look radiant and stress free.

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