Somatic yoga is a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way the brain senses and moves muscle. It is incredibly subtle and a powerful way of retraining the nervous system, dealing gently with injury and releasing trapped emotions and energic blocks from the physical and mental bodies.

It has really been invaluable for me during times of recovering from injury and trauma as it repatterns the brain’s healthy energy flow and gently releases body tension, like no other yoga form.

It gets to where other yoga modalities cannot, especially with motor neuron illnesses, nerval problems and extreme fatigue or body restrictions due to injury or just wear and tear.

In this class, I combine a gentler hatha yoga, where poses are held and breath is deepened, with Somatic yoga routines for specific body parts, which vary with each class or individual needs. This class ends with a relaxing yoga nidra, as rest is needed after somatic yoga movements to give the body a chance to receive and assimilate the new healthy pathways the somatic experience brings to the body. This is truly a very nurturing yoga therapy class.

One to one course of 3 is 130euro (online or in person)

Workshops for groups also available for community groups businesses, special needs groups and the active age.

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