My prenatal yoga courses include yoga poses suitable for the pregnant body, various breathing techniques to give energy and calm. It prepares expectant mothers for a more relaxed delivery with deep relaxation through restorative yoga poses and yoga nidra.  This will tune the body, mind and spirit into a lighter way of being during this special time and also some connecting visualizations will help connect you and your baby on a deeper level, a space a busy life does not always allow.

Once all medical issues are cleared by your medical provider, this yoga course will nurture you and your baby, giving you a more relaxed body, freeing you of some of the physical aches and pains of pregnancy. A truly nurturing gift for you and your baby, giving you the sacred space to connect with one another in a safe space.

The course comes in 3 or 6 class blocks of 1 hour and 15 minutes and is one to one.

One to one course of 3 classes is €130

One to one course of 6 classes is €250