My restorative yoga class is the ultimate way to take time out for deep relaxation and rest. It’s a style of yoga that encourages the body, mind and spirit to safely and calmly open to the earth and cosmic energy available, once the body is in a state of deep relaxation.

Mental and emotional rest follows, and in this class, you are given a deeper chance to connect with the self in stillness. It is a very nurturing and loving practise.

The practise is very slow paced, combining restorative yoga postures that are held gently to help prepare and support the body for deep rest. Breathwork, visualizations, chanting and extended Yoga Nidras encourage the body to reach a deep state of radiant rest.

Props, cushions, bolsters, eye pillows and gentle relaxing music are used to assist total comfort and support, as you rest.

It’s the perfect antidote for exhaustion, stress or an overworked body and mind.

It’s a loving, healing space to allow the body receive the gift of total restoration and deep rest.

Classes 1 ½ hours

Also available for groups

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